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About us

Magaa Foods introduces instant food style of accomplishing wholesome delicious dishes 10 minutes ago, simply use and care-free handy cooking products ease everyone’s busy lifestyle easy. Magaa follow ancestral attitude of produce and preservation process synchronizes modern methods.

Magaa Foods is the creation of hard work, research and passion of a woman entrepreneur who strongly believes that good food intake is the prime promoter of good health. Two years of efforts into finding the right recipes and authentic tastes without artificial coloring, chemicals and preservatives resulted in a range of 100% pure and natural instant food products at Magaa Foods. Our products bring to you the natural goodness of the raw products by maintaining purity as our top priority.

Magaa was born with the aim to help promote good health for people who wish to enjoy traditional flavors without the hassle of cooking extensively. Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do. For Bachelors, non-resident Indians, working wives or anyone pressed for time or lacks interest in cooking, delicious meals are an instant creation with our range of instant chutneys, broths and rice mixers. Our products present traditional food in a modern concept yet retaining the original taste of our heritage & superior quality.

Our state-of-the-art facility has been producing edible oils for years before we ventured onto the creative idea of coming out with a range of instant foods. Our food experts worked tirelessly to develop the range of unique instant products at Magaa Foods. From the beginning, our focus has been purity. Starting with high-quality and organically grown raw products, we process them in our facility with a blend of traditional and modern methods of food processing to retain the natural flavors of the raw products. With the concern of health and safety of our consumers in our hearts & minds, we use only 100% natural preservatives in our products. The packaging is done with utmost conscious care to ensure purity. Adulteration-free and chemical-free Magaa products pack a world of goodness with rich nutrients & vitamins without compromising on the taste.

We, at Magaa Foods, are here to be your partner in maintaining good health while letting your taste buds rejoice with authentic taste. A healthy meal is no excuse with our instant foods that are easy to put together and require no cooking experience. You can put away your worries of a growing waistline while enjoying your meals that will satisfy your body as well as your soul. 

While you enjoy our latest offerings, our future endeavor is to increase our range of instant foods that will continue to make cooking simpler and promote a healthy lifestyle.